Welcome to Naná Rec musical universe.

Naná Rec is a digital, independent music company based in Amsterdam NL that focuses on the internet as a way to market, promote, and distribute digital music. Using the internet in a new digital music era, Naná Rec markets and promotes artist and music through online music magazines, music websites, music blogs, and record pools. Music is delivered through digital music aggregators for digital distribution. Read about new releases and updates on works in progress, listen to audio samples..

Naná Rec is a digital, independent record Label based in Amsterdam NL. Launched in sept 2010, House music in it's various forms: tech house, minimal, deep house.

We are looking for new and unique talented producer to watch out for! We are a Amsterdam based new record label looking for national & international Producers accepting demos in the music area of Detroit, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal and Techno,

If you have a demotracks and want to share this with us, for releasing on our label, you can now send us the files very easely with our account on Soundcloud. Simply click on the dropbox button and send the files to us, so we can listen to you demo and decide to release it on our label.

We are always waiting for Your demos and happy to listen to all of Your stuffs!

Before You send Your material please make sure:

- You send track above 192kbps quality;
- You have got all the project files of Your track for the future.
- You put your contact details in the file name or in id3 tag of your track;
- And send the best possible mixdown.